Interface-A (EDA)
an imageInterface-A is part of SEMI's equipment data acquisition (EDA) standards targeting e-manufacturing applications such as advanced process control and e-diagnostics.
Semiconductor equipment suppliers implement interface-A to export data to factory data gathering applications.
Multiple clients can access data directly or subscibe to event based data via so called Data Collection Plans.

EDA (or Interface-A) is a self describing data interface. Clients can request the physical configuration, state models and parameters available.

The wsdl files of EDA can be used to generate the client software, which is relatively easy when using Visual C# or Java.
The complex part of writing your own EDA client is to catch the event based data from the equipment. For this the client needs to implement a web server or HTTP listener.
The client endpoint url is passed to the equipment during the establish communication session.
When data collection plans are defined, the equipment will pass the Data to this clients endpoint.

The communication uses the SOAP/XML protocol
This webpage is build to help you using the EDA interface on your equipment.

ClientEDA is a experimental tool to connect and test any equipment with EDA version 1105.

All EDA functionality is available.

Comment and ideas to improve the tool are very much appreciated !

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful to you to explore the EDA functionality on your equipment, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY !

The entire risk arising out of use remains with the user.

ClientEDA snapshot

ClientEDA is created in Visual C# Express 2010 and requires a windows environment including .NET Framework version 4.


ClientEDA Freeze 1105 and 0710 available


Here you can find more info on EDA.

Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA)
Tool that will import and evaluate equipment-provided self-description data (metadata) for conformance to applicable SEMI requirements and ISMI guidelines.

XML Schema Files
Schema and WSDL Files for EDA by SEMI.

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